A Quick "Down & Dirty" On What's Going On


November 5th: 2006 World Golden Oldies Festival - Wellington, New Zealand


August 6th: The 5th Annual Poverty Palace Pool Party
June 19th: 2005 World Golden Oldies Festival - San Diego, USA
February 12th: Tahoe Superbowl Trip


December 11th: The 4th Annual "Christmas Cheer" Gathering
August 14th: The 4th Annual Poverty Palace Pool Party
June 20th: "Get Fluxed" Australian Trip
January 30th - February 2nd: Tahoe Superbowl Trip


June 15th: The Flux's Wedding


August 27th: Poverty Palace Pool Party & Skydiving
May 12th: Booze Bros Tour
February 21st: 3rd Annual Bed & Sled
February 8th: Christmas Cheer


November 21st: COMDEX
November 11th: "Gruesome Twosome" Tour - July 6th thru 22nd
July 29th: Fitzy's Pool Party
April 12th: Boise Roadster Show
March 27th: 2nd Annual Bed & Sled


November 23rd: 3 Bastards From The Bush Tour
September 30th, 2000: Plymouth
September 8th: 1st Annual River Float
September 1st: Plimoth Plantation
August 19th: Martha's Vineyard
August 11th: Yarmouth Port
July 29th: Clyde, Monticello & Cooperstown
July 19th: Niagara Falls
July 9th, 2000: Quebec
July 1st: Jackman
June 22nd: Bangor
June 13th: Newbury & Greene
June 7th: Dallas
June 3rd: Dallas
April 19th: Salem
April 4th: Brimfield
March 29th: Las Vegas
February 23rd: Boise
February 14: Visiting Australia
January 9th: European Highlights


December 16th: Greenwich
September 28th: Stonehenge
September 10th: French Alps
August 19th: Monte Carlo
July 31st: Genoa
July 25th: Pisa
July 21st: Rome
April 26th: Bekah & Mike's Wedding
March 23rd: Pompeii
March 12th: Salerno
March 5th: Florence
February 11th: Venice
January 30th: Innsbruck
January 25th: Hohenschwangau
January 18th: Dachau
January 11th: Munich


December 31st: Christmas
December 16th: Stuttgart
December 8th: Bonn
December 3rd: Eindhoven
November 17th: Monnickendam
November 1st: Volendam
October 31st: Amsterdam
October 17th Dover, Calias & Dunkirk
October 5th: London