DAY 33b

CHILUMBA ~ Sangilo Village Tour (Central, MWI)

Tuesday December 13th, 2016

TODAYS MILEAGE – 43 miles or 69 kilometres
TRIP MILEAGE – 17650 miles or 28405 kilometres

This morning, a couple of resort employees took us all for a walk around the adjacent Sangilo village in which we visited the local school, medical clinic and experienced first hand from a local in her back yard, how to make pap (maize meal porridge).

One of the guides got all excited about taking us over to us a new windowless brick and tin roof building about the size of an outhouse, only to disappointed for not being able show us inside, as he could not locate the door keys. I on the other hand was somewhat like "meh - whatever" as when you've worked in more than one bore shed, the novelty factor is zero and declining. When speaking to the guide a little later, I realised his excitement over the building was a considerable matter as (a) the villagers did not have to walk all the way down to the lake to collect water, but even more significant to the villagers was (b) electricity had come to their village. I got to thinking that we as westerners take a lot for granted, compared to those in under or semi developed areas.

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