Welcome to aussiefitzy.com

Greetings & Salutations Trendsetters & Tax Dodgers:

It was about 11 years ago when the seeds of change were planted after the 2005 Southwestern Meanderings 16 day, 9 state trip. It saw me selling everything and going on "walkabout" for nearly a year ~ travel can be a life-changing experience you know. Be Happy

As much as I have been pluggin' along on my website's new format, it might be a while before aussiefitzy.com, is converted to my new format. I've just checked and there are currently 162,416 files, 27,389 folders, 26,069 photos and 3750 pages that make up my website.

The upside is that you'll have to check the site on a regular basis, but rest assured, it will get done ... eventually. Be Happy

I hope you like the changes.